Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Little Plumber

Ike is growing so fast. It seems like yesterday that he was in my arms so small and helpless. Now look at him he is so independent just like a little kid. I love watching him play. Sometimes I tend to be over protective but my DH keeps on reminding me to let him be. We like Ike to grow up to be independent just like us. We want him to experience childhood the way we experienced it. Playing outdoors, exploring things, climbing trees and playing with mud! Yes, the whole old school package. We want him to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and not get hooked on computers.

Last Saturday, February 21, 2009, we caught Ike playing with the main faucet of the water line. He looks like a little plumber trying to fix the water line.


  1. water line? plumbing? hmmmm...kapitbahay mo ba si liezl? meron ng suspect! hehehe. joke lang po. bumibisita lang. :-)

  2. Mukhang tumutugma nga Lee! medyo may kahabaan nga lang water line yan kse nasa kabilabg ibayo pa sina Helga eh! hahaha!



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