Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's My Birthday

Well it's my birthday today. Yes, my birthday falls on All saint's Day. It is tradition here in the Philippines to visit our dead relatives in the cemetery and offer flowers and prayers. This year, I started the day by visiting my parents grave and offer prayers. Then my family and I went to the mall to by some stuff and eat out. My husband surprised me by filing a leave of absence. We are to celebrate three important events in our lives... our wedding anniversary (October 30), my birthday (today), and Gee's birthday (November 5). I wish I took my camera along and took some pictures. Thank you to all those who remembered my birthday and greeted me! more thing please do check the latest (November) Pagemaps sketches.Guess who is in it...


  1. Hi Helga, Happy birthday. What a great gift to be featured in Page Maps. congrats.

  2. Happy Birthday Helga! And congrats on the Page Maps Feature and on the SK Marathon!



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