Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Embellished Idol Journey

Just recently I joined the Emebellished Idol 2008. It is sponsored by an Australian based kit club, Embellished Scrapbook Shoppe . It is an 8 weeks challenge were in contestants get to be eliminated every week. Sad to say after the 6th week I got eliminated. It's ok atleast I enjoyed the journey and learned a lot of things about my craft. Most important of all I got to scrap some backlog photos. So here it goes my Embellished Idol Journey...

Round 1 Sketch
And here is my entry:

By the way I used this layout in my son's tarpauline during his 1st Birthday last August 18, 2008.

Round 2 Get Messy

So here is my messy layout.

Round 3 Scrap a Life Motto

Every Lifes' Journey Begins with a Single Step:

Round 4 Stitch It

Round 5 Scrap a Non-person layout

Round 6 Create your own Embellishments

So my Idol journey ends here. To those who voted for me every week ... Thank you so much for the support. To the remaining 3 finalist goodluck!

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