Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Week Ahead

Scrapfest is finally over! After waiting for so long. It was truly a fun and exciting day. As usual I enjoyed looking at the yummy goodies brought by the suppliers. I felt like a kid in a candy store again. And of course it was so hard to control myself to buy new stuff! It was a scrapable moment not only because of the scrapfest but because this was the first time I left my baby. It was so hard. I felt guilty leaving him. Well that is past now.

Another week is about to start and it would definitely be very hectic! I would be preparing for my son's baptism. It will coincide will my niece's first birthday party. I am so excited because this will be the first party organized for my son. hehehe (another scrapable moment) All of the LB Scrapahoics will be ninangs.Soon I will be posting pictures of the event.

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