Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Talk!

Since January Ike has learned to communicate with us in 2 ways. Doing sign language and baby words. Since he now has longer attention span in watching videos I allow him to watch some videos designed for babies and toddlers. His first video was My Baby can do Sign Language. He was able to pick up some sign language like, sleep, thank you, mommy, daddy, flower, diapers, hat, socks, all done, cereals, up and a lot more. He also can say some words like, nana (meaning no more and banana), Dada (Daddy), Dede (Milk), La (Lola), ya ( Kuya). It is fun to watch him trying to communicate with us. Although sometimes he gets frustrated when we do not understand him.

By the way here are some of my new layouts.

For Creatively Yours:

Inspired by sketches from Creative Scrappers:

Inspired by a sketch from Scrappin Kids:


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