Friday, November 2, 2007

2 Birthdays and a Layout

So many things happened during the past 2 weeks. We celebrated 2 birthdays and I was able to make a layout or the Piggy Tales Challenge.

Super Lolo

Last October 28, 2007, we celebrated Lolo Apeng’s or Super Lolo to Baby Ike (that is how our children calls their great grand father) 97th birthday. Imagine 3 years more and he turns 100. We celebrated it in a resort here in Laguna.
Almost everyone in the family was there. Lolo’s colleagues in the San Miguel Bulacan water district were there too. Yes colleagues as in officemates! My grandfather even at that age still works as a volunteer at their local water district. He even serves as president. Our Lolo is still strong and witty. His memory is still excellent, even better than mine! Hahaha.... He can still walk on his own, answer trivia questions, edit official letters and still recognize all of his grand children even his great grand children. He is such a great and strong man!

I’m Thirty-one!

Last November 1, 2007, I turned 31 years old. We did not have any celebration, just the usual All Saint’s Day activities. This year I was not able to visit our grandparent’s grave in Bulacan because Baby Ike is too young to travel that far. We just went to my sister’s house and then visited our parents’ grave. This birthday is special to me because this is the first time I celebrated it as a mom.

Piggy Tales

I was able to create a new layout for Baby Ike. This time it featured his father looking over his. The picture is very special because it captured the emotions of my husband.

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